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Does the sun rise at all? How to deal with the darkness? Find it out! 30 Dec 2009 Keli basically refers to road conditions but it can also take on a wider meaning to include the conditions for skiiing. On my way into our building,  13 Jan 2012 In my research I discovered there are two meanings to the word Kaamos. One is the English equivalent to one meaning of the word, namely,  28 Mar 2017 It means Finnish people don't give in, and as the saying goes, “go go down in the North, kaamos means the time when it basically doesn't  19 Feb 2021 But kaamos also holds a more emotional meaning as it is used to describe a feeling of longing for sunshine and a lack of enthusiasm that  26 Oct 2018 The record has some interesting song titles, like "Kaamos" (meaning 'Polar Night ') and "Pareidolia" (think 'man on the moon' phenomena);  26 Sep 2018 Kaamos, Finnish (n). Meaning: literally 'polar nights'; the period of time between November and February when the sun sets for three months;  Kaamos may refer to: Kaamos, a word in the Finnish language for Polar night · Kaamos (Swedish band), a Swedish death metal band.

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Translated literally, it means "darkness". In upper Finland, kaamos is a natural phenomenon where the sun doesn't reach above the horizon and there's total darkness for a long time kaamos polar night ( period of darkness north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle when the sun does not rise over the horizon ) Declension [ edit ] This word is kaamos. It has two meanings. There is an English equivalent to one meaning of the word, namely, polar night: that period when, north of the Arctic Circle, the sun doesn’t rise for a couple of days in the darkest winter. Kaamos may refer to: .

During kaamos it is not completely dark, however.

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Trouble Maria Kalaniemi – Kaamos Emeli Sandé – Read All About It,  into lives without meaning, or took up sports (among them Niklas Lidstrom, of released two albums on the Candlelight label, Kaamos and Lucifer Rising, and 1 klatarar 1 Hypersensivitet 2 meaning 1 klaverskole 1 jernbeslag 4 ingefærøl 1 Kaamos 2 Lachendorf 4 kalvinistane 1 Internasjonalisering 1 Humbholdt 1  Disturbed - Meaning of Life.