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Patient Fact Sheets on ‘The Point’ Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) in School Settings Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) ISO-5 is a broad-spectrum bactericide, fungicide, and virucide. It effectively kills the top 15 Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO). It is effective against MRSA, VRE, EColi, CRE, Klebsiella, Acinetobacter Baumanni, Norovirus (Norwalk), SARS, Human Coronavirus, HIV strains, Hepatitis strains, Influenza viruses and more. ISO-5 is a broad-spectrum bactericide, fungicide, and virucide.

Examples of MDROs include: Multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO) are common bacteria (germs) that have developed resistance to multiple types of antibiotics. These bacteria are present on the bodies of many people, including on the skin, in the nose or other moist areas of the body, and in secretions. o Monitoring of MDRO and C. difficile infection (CDI) will help to evaluate local trends and changes in the occurrence of these pathogens and related infections.

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There was a large disparity between gender, nine females and 39 males, in patients with critical burns. 12 of the 48 patients had a positive result for an MDRO during their stay and the majority (7) had a documented inhalation injury. Of the four evaluated MDROs, MRSA was present in nearly every case of a positive MDRO result.

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▫ Current HAI/MDRO Surveillance 2007. 2008. Year. P ercen.

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In 2006 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published Standard 15883 for Washer-disinfectors (WD), with Part 3 for human waste containers: what states that manual procedures must be avoided as much as possible.

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