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Basically, Voat just ran out of money, and could not find  22 Sep 2020 The conspiracy theory has the best attributes of a multiplatform game, except that it can cause harm in the real world. 16 Jun 2020 Although a great deal of attention has been paid to how conspiracy theories circulate on social media, and the deleterious effect that they, and  28 Aug 2020 The president has backed off his attacks on the Postal Service but continues to question the integrity of mail ballots, without providing any  7 Jul 2020 In a video posted online over the weekend, President Donald Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is seen using phrases and  29 May 2020 The continuing arguments against Nevada's pandemic-forced, vote-by-mail system lack merit. There are enough bad things in the world to  Voat, the abhorrent Reddit clone that became a home for toxic communities and conspiracy theories like QAnon, has shut down. Los Gatos, CA. Reddit alternative   5 Jan 2021 Conspiracy movements like QAnon are a kind of cultural virus that spreads rapidly and widely in the new global media environment.

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My voat account became locked for “security reasons” and this message is displayed still to … 2020-12-30 Thanks to members of VOAT – especially IXOYE, who discovered THIS little gem, which was published in 2011, from CNN – yes, the very CNN we all love to hate now! This was way back when they were actually doing real journalism and weren’t such #FAKENEWS. 2020-12-22 I spent about half an hour looking through Voat --- its pretty much all conspiracy theories. A lot of QAnon stuff, as expected, too. My favorite conspiracy theory that I saw was the honeypot mentioned above. I can't believe some of the rhetoric on there, though.

ThrillerAddictdisney things Voat.infunny memes · Maribelishopsalms. Pizzagate-konspirationsteori - Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

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While at one point, 80 per cent of Americans believed a conspiracy theory about the Kennedy assassination, a poll by Pew Research in March 2020, found that 76 per cent of Americans had never heard of QAnon and just 3 per cent knew “a lot” about it. From VOAT: https: //voat.co/v/QRV It would be very easy to just reference "wild conspiracy theories that led to pizzagate and qanon" rather than being so specific. Unlike conspiracy theories proposing sinister forces, relegating it to white supremacist bastions like 8chan and Voat.

Voat conspiracy

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Voat.co, the self-billed "Reddit-killer" that attracted alt-right conspiracy theorists and various misogynists has shut down after it ran out of money. But the right's current love of looney Conspiracy Theories would be. Most people will not want to check Facebook and Minds and Reddit and Voat and Twitter  Uhm hello, this is a conspiracy sub. The notion of voter fraud is being rejected by the mainstream media. Therefore it’s only right that it’s being discussed here A lot of left leaning people in this sub have been blowing up at claims of election fraud.

Voat conspiracy

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Voat conspiracy

Although the site has claimed to be closing before, this time it 2020-12-22 · Voat, an “anti Voat also provided a home for the QAnon conspiracy movement after it was purged from most other platforms. Voat had a close brush with death in 2017. However, frazzled.rip got posted.

However, Voat has faced In November 2016, more users relocated to Voat after Reddit banned the Pizzagate conspiracy theory subreddit, r/pizzagate, due to doxing and harassment concerns.
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Club Conspiracy Forums > General Conspiracy Discussion > Opinions > Voat XPost .. Voat XPost .. Let Me Tell You About the Jews :) Martin Timothy. 1,012.